Illustrated children’s book: Vanity Mouse

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My new illustrated book for children is now available on Amazon! Right now, there is an English language Kindle and Paperback edition released, and over the next month, there will be more editions in additional languages.

The text of the book is based on the old children’s fairy tale. There are many versions of the base text, and mine text is adapted using mice and ornament made of sugar. This book is a bit shorter than the previous The Wolf And Seven Little Goats. But, the biggest differences are the drawing style and format.

English version cover

This time, I wanted to experiment a bit more with the digital drawing methods, and I choose to draw this book using only vectors, and it is completely done in Affinity Designer. And, this time, all images are full-page and use the square format for each page, and text is added inside the drawings. And, the paperback version is printed on premium paper in full color.

You can check out the book main page, and get additional screenshots from the book, links to Amazon pages for every available edition:

Currently, the book is being translated into additional languages, and I expect to have it also in Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German. And, each language will have both Kindle and Paperback additions available.

For now, let me know what you think about the new book, and if you want to see it translated in more languages.

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