Hardcover edition of The Wolf And Seven Little Goats

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Amazon KDP has finally begun publishing hardcover books, but the service is currently in Beta, with many limitations on what can be published, including the minimum number of pages needed for the hardcover book edition.

Unfortunatly, my books are on the smaller side, and Amazon requires book to have at least 75 pages, and it offers only few trim sizes. But, The Wolf And Seven Little Goats book fits into the trim size, but it lacks pages. So, I decided to create ‘Special Edition’ version of this book, with improved layout, bigger size (it is 7×10 inches), and with additional 20 pages of content that includes: all the extra drawings that were completed but not used in the book, concept sketches, and wolf development sketches.

Hardcover back and front cover

The new hardcover book is available on some of the Amazon stores (right now, it will be expanded in the future, once the Amazon expands the hardcover from beta stage to offer more sizes and markets). You can check more about the book, check some previews on the official page:

Let me know what you think about the new book edition.

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