New book prices on Amazon stores

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I am happy to announce that all my previous books published on Amazon are now (much) cheaper, and this includes the Kindle eBook version, and paperbacks and hardcover editions as well.

In recent months, the Amazon has expanded to new markets, with the Poland and Sweden Amazons now both offering paperback and hardcover books for sale, and made changes in the distribution costs they have for Kindle edition books, changes to the print and distribution costs. All that contributed to the changes made.

Now, the Kindle book versions have been lowered by some 30% to 40% on average, while the paperback editions prices have been lowered by 15% to 25% on average. Hardcover version of The Wolf And The Seven Little Goats has 10% lower price (on hardcover printing, there is very little margin to allow for big changes).

And, the latest book, first on in the Wigglies Series, also follows similar pricing pattern and is starting with lower prices from the release date. So, check out all the books available, and see what formats and languages’ you prefer.

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