Illustrated children’s book: The Wolf And Seven Little Goats

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My first illustrated book for children has been published, and for now is available in Kindle format from Amazon, with more formats expected later this year, including print edition.

The text for the book is an adaptation from Brother’s Grimm classic fairy tale with the same name. It has over 40 illustrations, and the book is translated into several languages, with more translations coming later this year. The book is available on Amazon Kindle, and it is available in all Amazon regions and regional websites.

Cover for the English version of the book

The only version of the book that is not available on Amazon Kindle is the original Serbian (Cyrillic) version, and you can buy a PDF of this version from the website here.

You can see all the different languages the book is available right now, and each version page contains direct links to regional Amazon Kindle stores, so you can easily find the version of the book you want.

You can see preview pages from every version of the book, and get more information about each book, including a short preview from the book opening.

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