Delivery Policy

For the items purchased through this website


This policy explains the process of delivering the items purchased through the store:

Order Processing

When you initiate the purchase, through the Buy Now links in the Store, you will be redirected to the payment processor 2Checkout website where you need to complete the purchase. Once the purchase process has been successfully completed, 2Checkout will notify TiniART Store about it, and the TiniART website will proceed with the devliery of the purchased item.

Delivery of the purchase

TiniART Store receives the purchase information 2Checkout, and it takes the customer email to determine if that email is already registered on the TiniART Store. If it is registered, the purchased item will be assigned to the account identified with the customer email. If the email is not found in the database, a new account will be created using the customer name and email, a random password will be generated, and email will be dispatched to the customer email with the login information.

The purchased item will be assigned to the customer account on TiniART Store. To download purchased item files, customer needs to login to TiniART Store Account: where the customer can update profile information and change password. On the same page customer will see the list of purchased items, and one or more files available for download associated to each item.

Files Download

For eBooks in PDF format, each purchase item contains two files. One file includes images in 96dpi resolution, and the other file includes images in 192dpi resolution. The reason for this is the size of the file, and higher resolution files are better for large screen devices, but the download file is much larger than the file with 96dpi resolution.

Download Problems

If you run into any problem with the files download, try using different browser first, and make sure you have enough free space on your device to store the downloaded file. Each file size is listed on the download page. If you still have problems with the download, please contact us: