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TiniART website comments are moderated: all visitor comments (user not logged in) will wait in the moderation queue, and logged in users comments will be automatically published for users with previously approved comments. But, if needed, even the published comments might be moved to moderation queue if moderator determines that comment is in need of moderation.

Be respectful in your comments, and try to treat other users the way you want to be treated. If you disagree with other users, please be respectful and explain your position.

Comments will be removed based on various criteria:

  • Comment contains personal insults
  • Comment contains racist or sexist terms
  • Comment is using vulgar or unnecessarily harsh language
  • Comment contains affiliate link or links
  • Comment contains copyrighted material not licensed for distribution on this Site
  • Comment advocates an illegal practice
  • Comment impersonation of another user
  • Comment is written anonymously
  • Comment is determined to be a spam
  • Comment is primarily advertisement

These are the general guidelines, and the comments deletion is within the discretion of the moderators of the Site. The Site also uses tools for automatic detection and removal of spam as the first line of moderation, and security measures to prevent access to known spammers.